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Brut Custom Crush has assembled three leading organizations to provide Sparkling Wine Custom Crush. We have partnered with The Wine Foundry, Craig Roemer Wines and Brut Bottling. “Why reinvent the wheel? All the parts were there, we just organized them” Says Christian Troussieux of Brut Custom Crush.

Our concept is simple and allows any sized winery to enter into the Sparkling Wine market;  without the large capital investment typically required. Steve Ryan of Wine Foundry stated, “We wanted any winery to be able to take advantage of the boom in Sparkling Wine.” The structure is straightforward: The Wine Foundry will handle grape receiving through primary fermentation; Brut Custom Crush will be responsible for storage in its unlimited bonded facility: Brut Bottling will handle Counter Pressure Bottling, Tirage, Riddling and Disgorging; Craig Roemer Wines will oversee all aspects of Sparkling Wine Production. “By offering multiple styles we can make a wine that fits your price point”, according to Craig Roemer. We are offering three different methods of Sparkling Wine:

  • Methode Traditionelle (Tirage, Riddling and Disgorging)
  • Charmat
  • Pet-Nat (Petillant Naturel)
  • Carbonated


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